January 2016: Editorial assistant Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices 7.2 ‘Authentic Movement: A field of practices’ (Editor Jane Bacon)

March 2016: Accumulations Gathering: A participatory event, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

March 2016: across the winter – a new work made in collaboration with Year 3 dance students at Manchester Metropolitan University

March 2016: Beyond Jewellery: Performing the Body, Birmingham City University

May 2016: flockOmania 3, Music Tech Fest, Berlin, Germany

August 2016: a shrine to women’s work , AWOL studios / Hope Mill, Manchester

August 2016: Precarious Assembly, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

November 2016: AWOL Open Studios – Accumulations present ‘a shrine to women’s work’ and initial research for ‘Hand-me-down-dances’

November 2016: Accumulations at Compass Live Art Festival Leeds, Live Art Bistro

December 2016: flockOmania at InDialogue, Nottingham Contemporary

December 2016: flockOmania ‘Costume in Context’ Symposium, University of Huddersfield

December 2016: perching/verging – a new work made in collaboration with Year 3 Dance students at Manchester Metropolitan University 


January 2017: flockOmania 4 at the Cass Gallery, London

May 2017: flockOmania at Culture, Costume and Dress Conference, Birmingham City Univeristy

May 2017: Dialogues with Dancers (Resonance FM), in conversation with Mary Prestige

May 2017 Erasmus teaching exchange between Manchester Metropolitan University and Turku Academy of the Arts (with Anna Macdonald)

June 2017: Presenting doctoral research at Artistic Doctorates in Europe, Research Pavillion, Venice

June – December 2017: Guest editor (with Natalie Garrett Brown, Kirsty Alexander and Fiona Bannon) Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices 10.1 ‘Pedagogy and Process’

July 2017: a sunday school at Manchester Dance Consoritum’s Choreolab

July 2017: Makers’ Lab at Clarence Mews, London

8 September 2017: Independent Dance Parlour Conversation ‘Artists curating: creating space’ (with Sara Spies)

September – November 2017: Guest curator (with Sara Spies) for Independent Dance Autumn season

September 2017 – May 2018: Assistant on Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy programme

4 October 2017: Legroom & Psykick Dancehall evening of performance, Manchester


March 2018: participant in Artistic Doctorates in Europe, Stockholm

April – October 2018: Choreographic provocateur on Bridget Fiske’s The Body of Us

May 2018 – July 2019: enter inhabit taking part in Sensing the City

31 May 2018: AWOL open studios evening 6-10pm, dance/light experiments with Cath Cullinane

June 2018: participant in Artistic Doctorates in Europe, University of Chichester

September 2018: showing perch at dusk each evening at AWOL Studios, Manchester (view flyer) – to book email: info@amyvoris.com

29 October – 2 November: teaching morning class at Independent Dance, London