a sunday school (2014-2020)

a sunday school developed out of the desire to create space for artists to share practice and have conversations. This loosely-formed and irregularly-meeting group emerged (in 2014) as a response to making performance in Manchester and has grown into an initiative for artists based in the Northwest to raise the visibility and agency of experimental, process-led artistic practice. Each member has their own practice and aesthetic influences, but we are drawn together through shared interests in embodied movement practices, performance and participation. Our meetings adopt a range of formats: sometimes one or two members will lead a workshop or show some work-in-progress, sometimes we discuss a set of questions or sometimes we attend an event.

Previous attendees have included:

Dani Abulhawa
Andrea Buckley
Hannah Buckley
Gemma Collard-Stokes
Bettina Carpi
Matt Denniss
Bridget Fiske
Rosalind Holgate-Smith
Tim Jeeves
Joseph Lau
Anna Macdonald
Mary Pearson
Mary Prestidge
Rachel Rimmer
Sarah Spanton
Sara Spies
Scott Thurston
Amy Voris
Anushiye Yarnell