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Amy Voris is a dance-maker based in Manchester.  Her practice is process-oriented and collaborative, driven by the desire to develop enduring relationships with people and with movement material.  The outcome of the work is contingent on hunches and interactions that occur during the process and varies widely.  Examples of current projects include a site-responsive project (enter inhabit), a collaboration with a jewellery maker (flockOmania) and a collaboration with three Northwest artists exploring artist-led curation for experimental performance practices (Accumulations). Amy has on-going creative relationships with photographer Christian Kipp, composer James Buchanan, lighting designer Cath Cullinane, jewellery designer Zoe Robertson and with dance artists Natalie Garrett and Caroline Salem.  In 2012, Amy completed training in Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy with Linda Hartley, a therapeutic approach to the body which also underlies her holistic and enquiring attitude toward making movement.  Her current research is investigating the process of forming, returning to, and deepening the relationship with movement material over an extended period of time.  Alongside her studio practice, Amy has worked in higher education since 1999 delivering a range of dance-related subjects within conservatoire and university settings.  Current teaching engagements include workshop delivery and project supervision on the MA in Creative Practice (Independent Dance/Trinity Laban) and MA in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing (University of Central Lancashire) and delivery of experiential anatomy and Authentic Movement on Janet Kaylo’s Laban/Barteneiff Somatic Studies International.  Amy has an ongoing commitment to developing artist-led initiatives such as the choreographers’ circle in London, Decoda in Coventry and a sunday school in Manchester.  With choreographer Ruth Segalis and performer Natasha Gilmore, Amy was a founding member of Rose’s Thoughts Dance Company (London, 1996-2003).
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Christian Kipp
Christian is a photographer based in Essex. He splits his time between working on his own in the natural landscape and collaborating with a variety of dance artists. He is interested in the ways that these two areas feed and reflect each other. He has exhibited his work at Laban, Clarence Mews, Oxford House, Moving Arts Base and at the London Independent Photography Exhibition. www.christiankipp.com

James Buchanan
James plays several instruments including piano, saxophone and guitar amongst others. His passion is music composition and he works in a number of genres, including folk, death metal, jazz and contemporary classical. He studied Music at Goldsmiths, University of London and is currently studying part-time to complete his doctoral thesis in computer-assisted composition at Middlesex University. In collaboration with choreographer Amy Voris, he has created electronic scores for several dance works that have been performed in London and abroad. He is a member of both CoMA London Ensemble and Graphite, a group of five composer-performers who perform their own music alongside works by other contemporary composers.

Cath Cullinane
‘I have a fascination for the moving body as it splinters into the shapes of light…it evokes and delights my senses simultaneously.’ Originally from Liverpool, Cath has worked as a Performance Technician for over 20 years, in theatres, colleges and festivals in the UK and Europe. She is currently Senior Theatre Technician / Skills Instructor at Coventry University and has enjoyed experimenting with non-theatre light.

Natalie Garrett Brown
Dr Natalie Garrett Brown, BA, MA, PhD is Head of School for Media and Performing Arts at Coventry University, UK. She is founding associate editor for the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices, vice chair for DanceHE (Standing Conference of Dance in Higher Education) and co-convener of the International Conference for Dance & Somatic Practices, held biannually at Coventry University. Natalie undertook her Somatic Movement Educators Training in Body-Mind Centering with Embody Move Association, UK. Her practice and research interests are theoretically situated within Feminist understandings of embodied subjectivity and the ways in which somatic and reflective practices can inform education, performance making, creativity, writing and digital cultural practices. Current projects includes Sensing the City, and enter & inhabit, a collaborative site responsive project.

Meghan Flanigan
I am a multi-disciplinary artist, teacher and thinker. Most of my background is in dance and choreography but my work keeps evolving and I can now say I am also a visual artist who works in video and performance. In 2008 I moved back to my hometown of Baltimore after more than ten years spent abroad in Bogotá, Colombia and London, England. http://meghanflanigan.blogspot.co.uk/

Regula Voegelin
Regula Voegelin is a performer, choreographer and therapist. She trained initially as a speech therapist at Universitaet Freiburg, Switzerland before completing a Professional Diploma in Dance Studies and a Postgraduate Diploma in Dance and Movement Therapy from Laban. She is a founding member of Carole Meier Compagnie in Bern, Switzerland with whom she danced from 1997-2002. Regula has also danced for choreographers Ioanna Portolou and Manuela Imperatori. With Susannah Schneider, she established Switzerland’s first country-wide community dance festival and founded Bewegrund, a Bern-based integrated dance company which now receives regular funding. Regula works as a speech / movement therapist in schools and in hospitals. The artistic and life philosophy of Butoh dance resonates strongly with her as an artist. Regula has studied Butoh with Kim Itoh, Yumiko Yoshioka, Atsushi Takenouchi, Yuko Kawamoto, Anzu Furukawa, Tadashi Endo, Masaki Iwana and Katsura Kan.

Zoe Robertson
Zoe Robertson is a jewellery artist. Her work currently explores the notion of Jewellery and Performance, investigating the relationship between the object, the body and space. Her jewellery is theatrical in scale and responds to kinaesthetic sensations of materials. She experiments on the edges of the discipline and enjoys working collaboratively. Additionally she is the Course Director for BA (Hons) Jewellery Design and Related Products at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University. Her artwork is exhibited within an international arena. More information about Zoe’s previous work can be found at www.zoerobertson.co.uk or follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/_Zoe_Robertson