the bespoke solos project (2020-2025)

the bespoke solos project is concerned with growing bespoke solo movement material with female-identified people of different ages and dance / movement-related backgrounds. The focus of the project is on the relational and co-creative aspects of generating, forming and returning to movement material when working in close collaboration with another person over an extended period of time. Collaborators will explore how the energies and details of the relational encounter generate and thus, in a sense, ‘create’ the work.

The above photos were taken during the collaboration with Noemie Farcy-Michel (July-September 2020).
credits for the bespoke solos project:
Movement and Performance - Katye Coe, Charlotte Darbyshire, Lily Davis-Voris, Noemie Farcy-Michel, Bridget Fiske and others tbc
Choreographic witnessing - Amy Voris
Photography - Christian Kipp and Noemie Farcy-Michel