flockOmania (2015-present)

flockOmania features wearable sculptures made by jewellry designer Zoe Robertson which have been generated in collaboration with dance artists Natalie Garrett Brown and Amy Voris. This collection of work responds to the tactility and sensuality of industrial materials which are not typically associated with the commercial jewellery discipline. The objects have been meticulously hand crafted using traditional fabrication techniques in combination with industrial processes and new technology.

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credits for flockOmania:
Jewellery Maker - Zoe Robertson
Movement - Natalie Garrett & Amy Voris
Lighting Design - Cath Cullinane
Photography - Christian Kipp
Sound - Darren Pickles & Nicholas Peters / Tom Tebby
Film - Stephen Snell & Steven Chamberlain
17 March 2016, 6-8pm Parkside Gallery, Birmingham 27-30 May 2016 Music Tech Fest, Berlin