Gelbezeit (2021)

Conceived by lighting designer Cath Cullinane as site-responsive work integrating dance and projection, Gelbezeit reflects on the stay-at-home message of the pandemic. Describing the work, Cullinane writes:

'Stay at home was the message, which we did, many in solitude within the constraints of the four walls known as home and work. The escape was the single hour visits to the green spaces, if you were lucky to have them nearby. I was very lucky to spend hours in my garden, where the ever-evolving yellow sunflower became my listening post and friend.'

The current version of Gelbezeit is a 60-minute version made for an artist's studio space in North Manchester, consisting of two solos and a duet.

Technical information
Front video projection accompanies the movement and lights the piece. The studio / non-theatre version of Gelbezeit uses a projector (sourced by ourselves) requiring HDMI input. The sound score requires regular playback via a PA. If shown in a theatre setting, additional side lighting and back projection would be used if available.

Cath Cullinane
07946 437680
Garter Lane Theatre, Waterford, Ireland
credits for Gelbezeit:
Lighting Design - Cath Cullinane
Movement and Performance - Natalie Garrett Brown & Amy Voris
Photography and Video - Christian Kipp
studio 307 (Manchester) 2021
Imagine Arts Festival (Waterford, Ireland) 22 October 2021