Curious Playground with Mobius Dance (2021)

Curious Playground is a technological interactive performance taking you, the audience, on an immersive, poetic, playful adventure — a chance to experience storytelling through a sensory world.

The hour-long show includes a trio, duet and solo (20 mins each), offering different aesthetics and physical energies. The set works as an interactive installation which the audience can access after performance -- an invitation to play and be creative. The set uses lighting and sensors to react to its surroundings, lighting up when it detects noise, vibration or touch. Two screens display live generative animation which can be interacted with by the dancers and audience.

Curated by Mobius Dance Artistic Director Gianluca Vincentini, Curious Playground has been co-created with choreographers Jamaal Burkmar, Annie Hanauer and Amy Voris joined by visual artist Jake Dubber, artist and set designer Aimee Grundell and artist and designer Oli Bentley. With costumes by Melissa Parry, the audience finds themselves enveloped by walls of music and sound by Otis Jones. Created with performers Alex Gosmore, Charlie Hogan, Imogen Wright, Iolanda Portogallo, Maya Carroll and Naomi Chockler, Curious Playground offers the potential for audience engagement in a safe manner.

photo credit: Kieran Dawes for Mobius Dance dancer: Maya Carroll