Curious Playground with Mobius Dance (2021)

Mobius Dance writes:

‘For our Spring season we are delighted to announce a new production Curious Playground. Curious Playground will be an immersive performance taking you, the audience, on a poetic, playful adventure. We invite you to follow the creative team over the coming months on the choreographic journey and hopefully join us in the Spring for the premiere and chance to see the performance live. Created with choreographers Jamaal Burkmar, Annie Hanauer and Amy Voris joined by visual artist Jake Dubber, artist and set designer Aimee Grundell (AG Studio Creative Director) and artist and designer Oli Bentley (Split Creative Director). With costumes by Melissa Parry, you, the audience, will find yourself enveloped by walls of music and sound by Otis Jones – a chance to experience storytelling through a sensory world. Performed by Alex Gosmore, Charlie Hogan, Imogen Wright, Iolanda Portogallo, Maya Carroll and Naomi Chockler, Curious Playground will take place indoors and outdoors in traditional and non-traditional spaces in Yorkshire.’