out of nothing (2006)

A work about the strangeness of beginnings, made in collaboration with professional diploma students at Laban.
credits for out of nothing:
Movement and Performance -
Kyoko Ando
Karin Andreasson
Monica Castenetto
Lucy Colgan
Leanne Copley
John Darvell
Catarina Domingves de Carvalho
Maria Dourado
Natalie Gibbs
Mira Kozlowska
Ariana Lebron Bauz
Takeshi Matsumoto
Maria Maunder
Laura Murphy
Luke Pagarani
Lise Smith
Alexandra Sarantopoulou
Joanna Tapson
Eiko Tsujimura
Anita van de Watering
Joke Verlinden
Soo Wright
Direction - Amy Voris
Photography - Christian Kipp
created with support from: