patience (2002-2004)

patience patience
A solo. In patience, there are weird noises, a long spell of darkness and trickery.
The Place Theatre, London
credits for patience:
Choreography and Performance - Amy Voris
Lighting Design - Suzy Hallam
Sound Design - Ohad Fishof
The Place Theatre, London 2004
Laban, London 2004
Setting an entirely different tone, Amy Voris’ sophisticated solo Patience engaged the eye, triggered the imagination, and had laugh-out-loud moments too. Seeming to morph into different creatures at different moments, her physique was animalistic in describing very human emotions in a thorough exploration of different types of patience (and impatience). Using sparse but effective lighting, an ambient Warp-ish electro soundscore (Jim O’Rourke/Matmos) and dressed in a simple top and trousers, the choreography stood alone.
Cerise Andrews – Tue 17 Feb 2004