perching (2020-2021)

perching is an emergent and durational duet dance practice which roams between the interior and exterior of the gallery space in conversation with the photography of Christian Kipp and the lighting interventions of Cath Cullinane. The iterative and shifting relationship between photography, light and movement is offered as a creative play with the notion of impermanence. Movement material is resourced from the felt-sense of the body, drawing on sensorial and imaginal input of the site as it is experienced and imagined in the response to photography and light. The gallery space is approached as a 'site' that is intertwined with its wider surroundings and population. Visitors might accidentally encounter the work or might miss it entirely; its durational nature will invite people to come and to go. With this practice, we are interested in conjuring up a ‘strange’ bodily presence that both belongs to and stands separate from the space / time it inhabits, positioning visitors as co-creators.

credits for perching:
Lighting Design - Cath Cullinane
Movement and Performance - Natalie Garrett Brown & Amy Voris
Photography - Christian Kipp
residency as part of the Impermanence series at Wimbledon Space (2020 -- cancelled due to covid)