sentient dogs (2005-2008)

The sentient dogs (2005 – 2008) were a diverse group of performers brought together by choreographer Amy Voris with the intention of creating a supportive, playful space in which to practice improvising. Photographer Christian Kipp documented the group's explorations in a variety of spaces across London.
sentient dogs work in progress
Clarence Mews, London
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Sentient dogsSentient dogs
Emma Dewhurst
Fran Gkotsi
Colin Mcclean
Christian Panouillot
Antonia Pantazatou
Jochelle Pereña
Shabari Rao
Veronica Alvarez Rascon
Marie Rousseau
Ipsita Sinha
Joasia Tapson
Sound - James Buchanan
Photography & Video - Christian Kipp
created with support from:
Falling Wide